Another wip
Shiro from no game no life

Lol so derpy

Wip Howl and Aladdin
Copic marker

Finished inking howl and started coloring and inking Aladdin

new poster wip sketch for Journey. 

This is going to be different a bit from my other posters and I’m kind of excited. 

I’m also working on a Bioshock and psychonauts poster too.  

batsrightsactivist asked: I BOUGHT ONE OF YOUR REI POSTERS AT TNT!! You are super super super talented! I hope I can buy again from you soon!! Have a nice day!

Thank you! I’m so glad you liked it!

Captain america!!!!!

Lol just realized I forgot the A

Late I know but heres the tokyo in tulsa booth.

Captain America corgi. I did say I would do him and I just sketched it out now. >_> ugh now thorgi hawkgi and wolvergi to go…… 

thank god my corgi’s a fatty and will somewhat pose for food

Btw this is Leviathan on the bottom. My friend bought him a hoodie thinking a medium would fit him LOL. It only fits his face.

My booth at tokyo in tulsa im at d107 btw. Also ive been working on a hand drawn magi picture

Driving to tokyo in tulsa with tachiik

Guess what i’m working on.

Mouse in a poppy field.
Was playing around with sumi ink on mulberry paper

official-poop asked: Your art is so cool

Thank you!

Anonymous asked: The joints on your phone charms are very poor. I just lost my TOP charm be cause it fell off the string.

I’m really sorry you lost t.o.p.
I try to make it as sturdy as possible but they are still pretty fragile items.

Also It would be helpful if I knew when you bought the charm since I’ve had it in stock for a while now.

2 new bag designs. I have 3 tardis left and soon they will be gone. So, I will be replacing it with a Dalek. The other being my own characters. Yay!

I’m at B4

Seating arrangement for San Japan! YAY btw I will be having my birthday that weekend so yup