Original drawing I did a little while ago in copic and pastels. 


Baekho and the Hwanin   

added chopper and franky and brooks fro… @_@ I keep forgetting theres 9 of them. Damn it Franky is just so huge! In order to fit everyone I have to push him off the page  

So far been working on the background on One Piece and Luffy’s head.  Yup all 9 will be in here… I may add boa just cause. 

I need to start adding Islands in the background and etc as well so It’s not done but will be b4 A-kon2014 

Gauche painting I’m working on which gave me an idea for the next art auction.

Thank you to all the 140 followers. >_<  

BTW this is Ruri non chibified… which won’t be often. 

New t-shirts and bags. (once I’m done designing them and all) I haven’t Inked out or colored the boy yet. 

It’s 2 different shirts and there’s a story behind it

Girl - Ruri, Is in love with donuts but she hates coffee and likes making friends with ghosts. 

Boy - Minsoo, Loves coffee but hates sweet things and has a corgi named Pancakes. 

And they’re dating.  (may do a small comic strip of this cause it came out when my friends and I were being delirious and sick from the artist alley funk. If I do I may just call it Coffee and Donuts)

BTW yes she is flipping the double birds, His theme is “It’s Coffee time bitch!” and the dog’s is “Aw Shit, Pancakes” (or Aw Hell Yeah)

The progression of time in Minnesota. All 24 hours lol. My friend got me a little chopper pen when he went to Japan. His face changes I’m having so much fun with it.

At detour just hangin out w friends. I didn’t get a table.

So I’ve decided this is how I’m going to update you guys on the next bands I’m working on. Since well… not many people watch a lot of these or etc, but it’ll give you an idea of what’s next and why.  (now… i just need to figure out how to embed two videos on this thing >_>)

So the next two kpop posters will be CnBlue’s Can’t stop and 2Ne1’s Come back home. 

Recently I’ve been taking movie posters and using them as inspiration these two will be in that style.  Cnblue with a my fair lady mixed with Wes anderson, romance, whimsy (kind of style) and 2ne1 with a Matrix meets Enders Game (style) We’ll see how it goes. 

I will be up in Minnesota for Anime Detour mostly hanging out with idrawrainbows and marshmallow Jelly so come visit!

Mass effect Fem shep sketch so far I need to shift her body and figure out where to add all our lovely reapers and etc but yeah so far.

I get to be next to my friends! Idrawrainbows, tachiik, Jennifer fu, and marshmallow jelly! AnimeMatsuri layout I’m at 612
Come by and visit!

All the new posters are in. They look so good on the shimmer paper


Took a while but I had some fun with it. I know the music video made no sense but figured a spaghetti western would be funny. and somewhat make sense. Blah. 

if the bottom one seems way too saturated. I don’t actually know why lol it’s the same color as the above picture. 

Doom Dada poster in progress

UGH THOSE DAMN MONKEYS!  I need to move the text over a bit and add a few more things OMG I just finished Convention sign up. @_@ so much to do so little time.

My new Chrome bag! Just got it in the mail yesterday…. Look at those colors! Ehehehehehe. I do love this bag it lacks padding for my computer but it’s ok…. I love it. It holds everything! Well except my paints… Or markers, or any painting supplies…I need boxes for all that. I have 5 boxes actually already… waaayyyy too much art crap.


2 posters left to do

One piece crew backs same as Madoka and Kill La Kill style

then the T.O.P Doom Dada poster

BY next tuesday! -_________________-; I’m going to die. And I haven’t even started on new badges or buttons. URK! 

I wont be able to finish the Tshirt design for Matsuri;  my friend just gave me a great Idea for but It’s for Attack on Titan >_< It’s soo good! I will try and have it b4 Sanjapan or Tulsa. I will try.