Anonymous asked: HI! I saw your stand in AFEST last week end and you have a painting of SHINee, I was wondering if you will have that painting available for AFEST and if you are planning on doing any other kpop groups? (I would buy a VIXX and BAP painting as well)

Sorry about the late response but I did have a bap poster, though that is now out of print. I only make limited amounts of each poster or I limit how long they continue in circulation before I cut it off. I want to do a vixx one later but that will be a while.

Thanks for liking my work

Anonymous asked: I understand that you believe that that women wearing the supernatural kimono was not cultural appropriation. I respect that because it's your culture and only people of your ethnicity get to decide whether something is offensive or not. However I ask of you that in the future if another problem like this arises and it does not happen to be your culture in question. Do not decide whether it is offensive or not because it's not your place to say. Thanks.

Ugh I wrote like a huge reply but it completely deleted itself when I had to check my email and now I’m tired.

If you want an in depth convo about why my morality was to stick up for her to try and stop the hate from people that wanted a white bashing without knowing her side, her motives, her background, or etc. why I don’t approve of making one person into a pariah and screaming racial slurs at her. Why I think we should do something to change our thoughts not by telling one girl to die for making and wearing that kimono costume, but by changing our attitude, changing society, in a way that doesn’t make it toxic. Hate makes only hate, nothing more. That is not what I want our future to be. Why I believed some of the people that were in uproar did so not because they respected my culture but to just join in. Why speaking for me and racially cussing at her doesn’t make me feel like a better human being having these people speak for me that way. How it made me feel like I was weak and instead of banding together to do something good it was banding together to make her into a pariah and threaten her in my cultures honor. No one wants that no one likes that. Do you?

So if you want to discuss it anon. I’m all ears to hear what you have to say about your beliefs and thoughts. Mostly easier if you don’t go anon on me though. You know who I am and it’s not really logical discussing anything with an unknown void.

Pin up pop art women WIP. Yup going back to lined flats. its just sketches at the moment so there will be a bit of editing done here and there like i’m going to broaden Storm’s shoulders a bit.  I really do like Wonder Woman’s pose, I had so much fun sketching that pose out. 

1. Wonder Woman

2. Poison Ivy

3. Storm 

4. Mystique

5. Super girl

6. x 23


Forgot to post this again I know it’s been a while but,
Gishwhes 109 Captain Jean Luc Picard
Mustard, siracha, hoisen, and gochujang
Pretty much all that’s in an asian kitchen might I add.

Last league poster I’m doing.  Miss Fortune Arcade skin will be the end of the League girls. (also because I’m running out of room and I want to add more stuff.)  I will be adding more within this style of comic book girls…. we’ll see if I can get it all done @_@ 

Storm, Rogue, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, 

Men: Joker, deadpool, starlord 

Video games: Bioshock poster 

btw got major confunk cold. -___-; feel like death. 

Blocking at the moment before I start adding in the other lines and the shinys 

Rocket and Groot DONE 

My hands hurt like hell and i still have another poster to finish

WIP so far Rocket Raccoon and Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. I’ve got three posters to finish before Thursday so I can print them all. 

Art auction item Shiro. I need to clean it up some more but most of it is done

Another wip
Shiro from no game no life

Lol so derpy

Wip Howl and Aladdin
Copic marker

Finished inking howl and started coloring and inking Aladdin

new poster wip sketch for Journey. 

This is going to be different a bit from my other posters and I’m kind of excited. 

I’m also working on a Bioshock and psychonauts poster too.  

batsrightsactivist asked: I BOUGHT ONE OF YOUR REI POSTERS AT TNT!! You are super super super talented! I hope I can buy again from you soon!! Have a nice day!

Thank you! I’m so glad you liked it!

Captain america!!!!!

Lol just realized I forgot the A

Late I know but heres the tokyo in tulsa booth.

Captain America corgi. I did say I would do him and I just sketched it out now. >_> ugh now thorgi hawkgi and wolvergi to go…… 

thank god my corgi’s a fatty and will somewhat pose for food

Btw this is Leviathan on the bottom. My friend bought him a hoodie thinking a medium would fit him LOL. It only fits his face.